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Mesa junk removal pros is a locally owned and operated junk removal company serving the Mesa Arizona area. It is our goal to be the number one junk removal company in the entire state of Arizona but Mesa shares a special place in our heart. That is why we have decided to make our home here in this great city. We believe that providing excellent and exceptional service to the Mesa area we can become the number one junk removal company in Arizona. Our employees have your satisfaction in mind. We want to provide prompt and superior service that excels over the competition. We are locally owned and operated and not part of a national chain. To get started just fill out a form or give us a call and we will give you a free over the phone estimate. Once we receive your information we will do our best to give you a price right over the phone. Once the cost is agreed upon we will set up a schedule to come and pick up your junk or unwanted material. We will always give you a 15-minute reminder call before we arrive and we look forward to serving the entire Mesa area for all their debris hauling and removal needs.


Residential Junk Removal in Mesa

We serve the entire Mesa, Phoenix area. that includes Scottsdale and all surrounding areas. We specialize in residential and commercial junk removal. If you have junk or debris lying around your home that needs to be removed all it takes is one call. We do our best to make sure that everyone’s needs are met and that we do our job with excellence and professionalism.

Mesa Junk Removal cares about the environment. Whatever we pick up we follow all necessary federal and local guidelines for disposal. Furniture that can be repurposed will be dropped off at a local Goodwill or charity and all metal will be disposed of properly. So you can rest assured that by choosing us that you are not hurting the environment using our service. Give us a call today and see why nine out of ten people agree that we are the most affordable and reliable junk removal service in the city.




Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients. All it takes is one call to get that commercial debris and commercial junk removed from your building or warehouse. Call us today.Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients. All it takes is one call to get that commercial debris and commercial junk removed from your building or warehouse. Call us today.Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients. All it takes is one call to get that commercial debris and commercial junk removed from your building or warehouse. Call us today.We are proud to offer an essential service to homeowners and commercial businesses around Mesa. Our company can meet all of your needs whether you are just cleaning out your home or garage or if you are taking on a remodeling project and need a schedule pick up every week we are the company for you. Feel free to fill out an online quote form or just give us a call. And one of our professional haulers will give you a call to discuss your needs. Thank you for taking the time to check us out.

Commercial Service

Our company not only serves residential clients but we also have a large commercial clientele. Whether you run a nursing home or a large commercial business,we can help keep your area clean and free of debris and junk. We understand the difficulties of setting up appointments during business hours. We will do our best to accommodate your work schedule along with after-hour pickups and before-hour pickups. We will work closely with management and staff to make sure that your junk removal is hassle free. To get a free commercial quote or to talk to one of our professional junk hauling pros just give us a call today or fill out a contact form.


Commercial debris can be heavy and cumbersome. Oftentimes having to come down elevators or stairs. Commercial furniture such as desk chairs, file cabinets, and old printers, and electoral equipment can be difficult to remove and hard to dispose of. If it can be moved we can move it. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients. All it takes is one call to get that commercial debris and commercial junk removed from your building or warehouse. Call us today.

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Competitive Rates

Mesa junk removal provides competitive rates. We do our best not to be under bid. We give the best price the first time so that you can trust and know that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Convenient scheduling

Mesa junk removal provides competitive rates. We do our best not to be under bid. We give the best price the first time so that you can trust and know that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Open Weekends

Need to pick up on the weekends or after hours? We offer convenient scheduling to best meet your needs. Even if it’s not ideal, our client satisfaction is our number one goal so give us a call today if you need after-hours pickup and we’ll do our best to accommodate every need.

Serving multiple Cities

We not only serve Mesa, but the entire Phoenix area. Check out our locations page to find out more and to see how we can help you in all areas of Phoenix

Mesa Junk Removal

We provide the community with a multitude of services. From just regular junk removal to structure demolition and removal we can do it all. we know it can be difficult sometimes to haul that junk away yourselves whether you don’t have a vehicle that can carry it or don’t want to bother any of your friends for help. We know what it’s like to have busy schedules and how things can sometimes get away from us. So if you have some things that have been needing to go away, give us a call today and will help you get rid of that junk that’s been lying around.

 When you call Mesa junk removal you will talk to one of our professional junk haulers. While on the phone they will gather important information about your job. Our hauler will need your name, location, email, and of course what you need to have removed. Once all that information is gathered our professional hauler may ask for pictures to be sent to a cell phone number. Once the pictures are received we will give you a quote right over the phone. Once the price is agreed upon we will set up a beneficial and convenient time for pickup. Mesa junk removal can take care of all of your junk removal needs. Take a look at some of the things that we can get rid of for you below.

Mattress and Boxspring Disposal

Getting a new mattress is exciting. There’s nothing like taking a great nap. But it becomes rather difficult to do on an old lumpy mattress. So when it’s time to get that new mattress and to get rid of that old one give Mesa junk removal a call. We can handle old mattresses and box springs.

Mattresses get heavier with age not only are they large and heavy but also cumbersome and difficult to move.

Your local trash removal company will not pick up a mattress from the curb so oftentimes it is up to the consumer to dispose of it themselves. All it takes is just one call to Mesa junk removal pros and we can get rid of that old mattress and box spring for you. We’ll make sure it gets properly disposed of. So give us a call for your mattress removal needs.


Hot Tub Disposal

Everyone loves a hot tub. Some people even say the best day of your life is when you buy a new hot tub and the day you get rid of one. Hot tubs are great while they last but often times they get used less and less and eventually just become very large obstacles in your way. Sometimes entire rooms are built around hot tubs which can make them nearly impossible to move.

Mesa junk removal has all the equipment to not only remove your hot tub but also to disassemble it and take it apart if needed to get through small and tight areas. If you have an old hot tub and need it removed give us a call today.

Junk Removal in Mesa

With our busy schedule sometimes things just pile up. Whether it’s spring cleaning or remodeling a room or purchasing new furniture things can pile up rather quickly. When this happens make your life easier by calling your junk hauling professionals today. We can do all of the heavy lifting for you. When it’s time to get that junk called and that garage cleaned you can trust that we can take it away we can take old toys, exercise equipment, mixed paint, old lawn equipment, old wood and metal and much much more. Call Mesa junk removal for all your junk removal and furniture removal needs.

Yard Waste Removal 

New landscaping can make The exterior of your home beautiful. But new gardens mean tearing out old gardens. A lot of times this can cause a lot of debris and yard waste. If you have more waste removal then your trash man can handle or need it removed right away Mesa junk removal is your yard waste removal professional. If you’re planning on doing a garden schedule ahead of time for us to pick up all of the extra yard waste and old plants, grass and dirt. Along with yard waste our company also does garden tear outs, fence removal, deck tear outs, and patio cover removal. So if you need any help make sure to give us a call or fill out a form today.

Dumpster Rental 


We love do-it-yourselfers. Sometimes you just want to get rid of junk yourself but maybe it’s too much for you to put in your car or haul off on your own. Mesa junk removal is excited to be able to offer roll off dumpster rental. For short-term use roll-off dumpsters are a great option if you are doing a home project or have a large cleanout to do. A dumpster can be dropped off in the morning and picked up the following day or even that evening. A temporary dumpster is a convenient way to get rid of large amounts of debris quickly. We drop it off you loaded up and we take it away. Mesa junk removal has partnered up with local dumpster rental companies to offer you the best rates available. Give us a call today and let us drop off a dumpster tomorrow.

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Furniture Removal

If you have old furniture that needs to be removed Mesa junk removal is the company for you. We specialize in furniture removal and disposal. Oftentimes I’ll clients will give us a call the day before their new furniture arrives so that way they have a clean slate to work with and never not have a place to sit. So if you have furniture being delivered and need someone to pick up your old one give us a call today.

When furniture has to go make sure you call the pros. All it takes is a quick call for furniture removal in Mesa. if your furniture is in good condition and can be donated we can make sure that it gets dropped off to the proper location. Mesa junkyard removal will also do local delivery if you have a friend that needs your old furniture. As long as it’s within our service area we can pick up your old furniture and drop it off to another location within the city. We do this to keep as much out of the landfills as possible. So if you need some furniture removal done give us a call today or fill out a quote form and we’ll be happy to get back with you as soon as we can.

House and Apartment Cleanouts

House and apartment clean outs can be very stressful. Oftentimes foreclosed homes or tenants that have been evicted will leave a mess for you to clean up. Well this often can be done by the homeowner sometimes it becomes very cumbersome and stressful. We provide house and apartment clean outs for competitive rates. We can come in take all furniture, trash and debris and haul it off for you leaving you with a clean slate to work with. From estate sales to evictions if it was left behind we can take it away.

Appliance Removal

Just like furniture, appliance removal can be difficult. If you have an old stove refrigerator or wash and dryer that needs to be taken away give us a call today. If your equipment can still be used we will do our best to make sure that it gets to the proper areas so that it can continue on with its life. If not all metal will be disposed of properly and recycled. So if you have some unwanted appliances that need to be removed give the trash hauling pros a call today.

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Getting it Done for You

Hey we know what it’s like to have crazy schedules. Sometimes it’s so difficult to just get things done. That’s why you can trust us to do all of those cumbersome tasks for you. All it takes is for you to give us a call, send us some pictures and we can come by while you’re at work and remove the unwanted stuff that you leave out. Once done pictures will be taken and payment can be made. We do our best to make junk removal as convenient as possible for all our Mesa family.

We Got You Covered, Let us do all the Heavy Lifting. Our team has all the necessary equipment to get your job done. When you choose Mesa Junk Removal, just sit back watch us get it done. Why wait for a second longer. Call us today!

How much is junk Removal?

The cost of trash hauling can vary widely depending on the amount of junk that needs to be removed as well as the size of the pieces needing removal.  On average, junk removal can cost anywhere from $60 for a single large item like an old kitchen appliance to hundreds of dollars for full truckloads of debris.  Homeowners and business owners may incur additional costs if their trash needs to be disposed of in a special way according to state and federal mandates.  Don’t waste your time trying to haul away junk on your own.  Trust the experts at Mesa Junk Removal to help you.  Call us for competitive junk removal prices.

Do you tip Junk Removers?

While our team members are not expecting a tip, tips are definitely appreciated. It lets us know that we’re doing a good job and is nice to be appreciated. So if you’d like to give a tip to your junk removers it’s okay with us.

Do Junk Removers take paint?

The answer is it depends… If the paint is properly secured and enclosed in a container then we may be able to get rid of it for you. Most landfills do not accept pain and it must be recycled. The best thing to do is to give us a call and let us know what you have to see if we can help.

Who is the cheapest junk removal near me?

 While we do not know our competitors rates. We can assure you that being a locally owned company gives us an edge: we do not pay franchise fees nor do we have to pay commissions to other companies. Being a locally owned company gives us the edge and we appreciate our family in Mesa doing business with locally owned businesses.

Do you recycle?

Our service pros make sure that everything picked up gets to this proper place for disposal. Metal and iron will always be brought to the scrap yard to be disposed of. Appliances and other items will either be repurposed or recycled. Mattresses must be disposed of in specific places and must follow local guidelines. We do our best to stay as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you have insurance?

All of our trucks and workers carry proper insurance to keep ourselves our vehicles and your property protected.

How quickly can you do the job?

We try to do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. Most jobs can be done the next day depending on the size of the job. Larger jobs that may take longer than a day may have to be scheduled further out. Unfortunately we cannot give an estimate until we know exactly what the job entails. But you can rest assured that we will do our best to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

We recently moved into a new place in Phoenix.  I was so worried about bringing all of our old clutter to our new location in Mesa.  Mesa Junk Removal was amazing!  I called, and they came out right away to ensure that all of the junk I had was cleared away quickly so that I could focus on the move.  I will definitely call them in the future for any junk removal.

Betty W

I own several properties in Maricopa County.  Recently, I had to evict a tenant who ended up leaving lots of trash behind when she left.  The professionals at Mesa Junk Removal cleaned out closets, removed furniture, and swept up debris, leaving my property clean for my next tenant.  I will definitely be saving their number in case I need them again.

David W


We had a shed that was falling down in our backyard.  I called Mesa Junk Removal, and they sent out a team right away to look at the shed and give me an estimate for removal.  The smartest decision I ever made was calling them to remove it.  In one day, my backyard was clear of debris.  I highly recommend any of their services.

Jack M

Get it taken care of with just one call!

Structure Demo and Removal

Sometimes structures and play equipment can get old and unusable. When this happens it can be difficult to remove and not only that but also dangerous. if you have a shed that needs to be removed and hauled away give us a call today. We can give you a price to deconstruct and remove your shed or structure.

Concrete Demo and Removal

We are not just a normal junk removal company. We have a license and insured pros that can not only remove structures but also remove flat work and concrete. Whether you have an old concrete slab that you no longer need or a driveway that needs to be removed you can give us a call today and we’ll give you competitive pricing on removing flat work and concrete debris.

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